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We are excited to announce our new golf simulator the Bullseye LM.

We are hoping for late summer, early fall release. Pricing at launch is expected to be $3500 and $5500 for the two models. $3500 for the base model. The $5500 unit will have everything from the base unit plus detailed club data along with HD video playback of the clubface at impact plus a few more features. Both models will have identical hardware. A software unlock upgrade can be applied to the entry-level simulator at any time. The first production run is expected to be limited quantities.

Your software choices will be E6 Connect, Creative Golf 3D, and GSPro.

  • Key features of the simulator
    • 4 high-speed 4k cameras
    • Overhead Radar
    • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices
    • Overhead mounting
    • Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection
    • Onboard processing
    • 1080p Video playback of the clubface at impact
    • One step calibration aided by laser imaging
    • System-controlled auto-focusing cameras
    • Rear expansion port for future enhancements

If you would like to know more, please email us at