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Bullseye DIY Home Enclosure


Bullseye DIY EnclosureIncludes Free Shipping 

Are Enclosures are Fully Padded to Protect Against Bounce Back

Also Comes with Premium 3 Layer Screen

You supply the 1″ EMT and Pipe Insulation

U.S customers are responsible to pay any Taxes if required.

Email us for Custom Sizes.

Because of Shortages in Material and Shipping Delays. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for Delivery..

Bullseye DIY Enclosure Instructions

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Bullseye DIY Home Enclosure

Bullseye DIY Enclosure Instructions

Are Enclosures are Fully padded to Protect Against Bounce Back

Downloadable PDF Instructions

All Prices Include Shipping to USA Only

H 7.6′ x  W 10′ x D 5′ (90″x 120″x 60″) $1399

H 7.6′ x  W 12′ x D 5′ (90″x 144″x 60″) $1699

H 8′ x  W 10′ x D 5′ (96″x 120″x 60″) $1499

H 9′ x  W 10′ x D 5′ (108″x 120″x 60″) $1599

H 9′ x W 12′ x  D 5′ (108″ x 144″ x 60″) $1799

H 9′ x W 14′ x D 5′ (108″ x 168″ x 60″) $1999

For Custom Sizes Please Email us.


 Premium 3 Layer  Impact Screen Hemmed and Grommet with Side Flaps.

Padded Top Baffle.

Padding for Front of Screen.

Padding for Side and Front Bars

Black Poly Fabric Enclosure Wraps Around Front Bars

Connectors 1″ ( 6-3 Way, 3-Tub Links, 2-2 Way)

All- 6″ Bunge Balls to Attach Screen and Panels


1″ EMT Steel conduit

1″ Foam Pipe Insulation

For those that want the Enclosure with 1″ EMT and Pipe Insulation Order our Sim in a Box 

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery from the time of order

The estimated time to assemble is 2-3 hours with 1-2 people.

Email or call us on space requirements for a projector and golf mat for the pro series golf cage.

We can design a complete home golf simulator package with our new Bullseye Home Enclosure Kits.  


Bullseye Golf does not accept returns or refunds on any of our merchandise. If a product is defective, please contact us within 3 working days. If you want to exchange a product, the product must be in NEW condition and the exchange must be within 7 business days of receipt of the order. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs except on defective merchandise.

Weight 200 lbs

H 7.6' x W 10' x D 5', H 7.6' x W 12' x D 5', H 8' x W 10' x D 5', H 9' x W 10' x D 5', H 9' x W 12' x  D 5', H 9' x W 14' x D 5'


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