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Refund and Returns Policy


Bullseye Golf has a no-refund policy. All sales are final. No returns accepted except ifthe item is defective or damaged in shipment. Please contact us within 5 days if your items are defective or damaged. If you order the wrong item or size, we will gladly exchange it for you. You are responsible for all shipping costs. Email us for details.

Return Policy

No returns are accepted on any of our enclosures/screens unless damaged in shipment. Please report any damages within 5 days of receipt. If you purchase the wrong size, we will work with you to exchange it, as long as it shows no sign of use and is packaged and shipped back to use with no apparent damage. customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Contact us for details.

Enclosure Warranty

All of our enclosures carry a 5-year limited warranty. All of our screens come with a limited 12-month warranty. Grommets are not covered under any warranty. The screen must be properly installed. Bungees must be snug, not tight. Make sure before you install the side bungees you have a 2โ€ gap on the sides This will make the bungees snug, not tight. Having your bungees to tight can damage your screen and cause extensive bounce back. Make sure to replace your golf balls with new ones frequently to prolong the life of your screen. Screens may wear prematurely unless the golf balls used are in new condition without any marks, cracks, nicks, or grazes, and any wear caused by this will not be covered under warranty. Any marks caused by dirty balls or burn marks caused by high spinning balls are also excluded from any warranty offered by Bullseye Golf Sims. This warranty only applies to home users under normal use. Certain conditions may apply. This Warranty does not apply to Commercial Facilities


Bullseye Golf is not responsible for any customs fees or taxes. The customer is solely responsible for any and all customs fees and local taxes (if applicable). By making a purchase on Bullseye Golf, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Bullseye Golf No Refund” Policy.

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